Hairstyling, Hydrafacials, & Lash Services Boston, MA

Hairstyling, Hydrafacials, & Lash Services Boston, MA

Since 1990, Ardan Medspa + Salon has been the spot for all things hair, skincare, and beauty. Located in Wellesley, MA, we are delighted to bring our exceptional beauty and wellness services to new and loyal clients from Boston, MA. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality treatments and a truly indulgent experience.

Hairstyling Services Boston, MA

Your hair speaks volumes about you–it's the first impression you make when you enter a room. At Ardan Medspa + Salon, we understand the importance of caring for your hair and are here to help you look and feel amazing. Our stylists are dedicated to crafting a hairstyle that aligns with the latest trends, suits your unique personality, and enhances your natural beauty. Rest assured, after a haircut at our award-winning salon, you'll exude confidence and make a lasting impression. With 30 years of experience and a commitment to staying ahead of the curve, Ardan Medspa + Salon is the premier destination for all your hair needs in Wellesley, MA.

Experience the artistry of our hairstyling services in Wellesley. Whether you're looking for a trendy haircut, a fresh color transformation, or a special occasion updo, our talented stylists will create a look that perfectly complements your personal style and enhances your natural beauty.

Hydrafacials Boston, MA

Experience the ultimate facial rejuvenation with our signature hydrafacial treatments. Our hydrafacials are designed to deeply cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate your skin, delivering visible results and a radiant complexion. Using advanced technology, our estheticians customize each treatment to address your specific skin concerns, whether it's fine lines, uneven texture, or clogged pores. Step into a world of relaxation and leave with a revitalized and glowing complexion.

Lash Services Boston, MA

Transform your lashes with our new and improved Yumi lashes service. Our skilled lash technicians apply the Yumi lash lift and tint technique to enhance your natural lashes, adding volume, length, and a beautiful curl. Say goodbye to the hassle of mascara and enjoy effortless, mesmerizing lashes that make your eyes pop. Our lash services are perfect for those seeking a low-maintenance yet striking enhancement to their overall look.

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