Organic Keratin Smoothing Treatmentfrom $350
Express Blowoutfrom $175
Demineralizationfrom $40
Kerastase Treatmentfrom $40

Kerastase Chronologistefrom $55
Shu Uemura Ritualfrom $45
Opalex Treatmentfrom $25

Smoothing treatments are for anyone who wants to improve the feel of their hair, while our other treatments are great for preventing and even fixing damaged hair. With such a wide variety of hair treatment services at Ardan Medspa + Salon that are designed to hydrate, heal, replenish nutrients, and create smooth manageable hair, you are bound to find one that is perfect for you.

Organic Keratin Smoothing Treatment

This hair smoothing treatment fixes frizzy hair, no matter how out of control. Hair is smoothed and eliminates frizz through a chemical process using organic ingredients. This Organic Keratin Smoothing Treatment dose such a good job that it leaves hair silky and smooth for up to 6 months. Priced at $350.

Express Blowout

The Express Blowout smooths hair that is frizzy or unmanageably curly. Even people that are excessively exposed to humidity can greatly benefit from an Express Blowout because the treatment will cause the humidity to have no more power over your hairstyles. The results of this service can last anywhere from 1 - 2 months. Priced at $175 and takes 60 minutes to complete.


For hair that has been affected by chlorine in pools or lives in an area with hard water. Chlorinated water and hard water cause build up on the hair which can leave your hair feeling dry or dirty. Our demineralization treatment has the ability to remove all this build-up from your hair making it feel clean, smooth, and shiny once again. Starting at $40.

Kerastase Treatment

Our Kerastase treatment has the ability to reverse damaged hair. Hair damage can be caused by over-brushing, too much exposure to the sun, over washing, using curling irons and flat irons on your hair too often, etc. No matter the specific hair damage, this treatment can help with reconstruction, smoothness, and overall health. This service is priced at $40.

Kerastase Chronologiste

For anyone looking to give their hair a healthy shine and soft touch. Kerastase Chronologiste treatments will transform your hair from the roots all the way to the ends. Priced at $55.

Shu Uemura Ritual

Not only beneficial for your hair but for your head as well. Unlike any other hair and scalp treatment, the Shu Uemura Ritual includes a scalp, neck, and arm massage along with deep conditioning. It is relaxing and rejuvenating for hair and body. The results of this treatment will leave your hair feeling smooth, healthy, and easy to manage. The price for this service is $45.

Olaplex Treatment

This hair treatment focuses on preventing and even repairing hair damage. Oleplex treatments have the power to fix broken hair due to damage from excessive heat, chemical processing, over-brushing, and more. After receiving this treatment you will have healthier, thicker-looking, and stronger feeling hair. Priced at $25.